The Trailer For Wes Anderson’s ‘Isle of Dogs’ Is Finally Here

And it looks glorious

That sound you hear is the collective freak out of Wes Anderson fans around the world. The trailer for the auteur’s new movie, Isle of Dogs, just dropped, and it’s a lot to take in. When Anderson first announced the project way back in December, there was very little info on what the movie would be about, or what it would look like. This trailer answers both of those questions in spectacular detail. The stop-motion animation looks incredibly sophisticated, and is a giant leap forward from the work Anderson and his team did in Fantastic Mr. Fox

As for the story, it’s basically set in a futuristic Japan (20 years from now to be exact, technically making this Anderson’s first foray into sci-fi), where “canine saturation has reached epidemic proportions,” forcing the Japanese government to banish certain dogs to Trash Island, a giant garbage heap in the middle of the sea. In comes Atari Kobayashi, a young boy who hijacked a plane to fly to the island and find his lost dog Spots. There begins an odyssey that involves a government conspiracy, an army of robot dogs, and what looks like Anderson’s version of a nuclear blast. 

Isle of Dogs, which features a sprawling voice cast of American and Japanese actors that you can catch at the end of the trailer, hits theaters on March 23.