What Star Wars Would Look Like If Directed By Wes Anderson

this is what it would look like.

People have tried to analyze the science and methodology behind Wes Anderson's success since the '90s. And while no one has quite been able to replicate the quippiness and eccentricity of his films, we've had fun watching it all happen (SNL's "New Horror Trailer" skit, "Centered," The History of Apple Pie's "Jamais Vu," and even the Anderson-directed American Express commercial are favorites). 

Earlier this month, Conan released Anderson's Star Wars VII "audition tape," which featured Chewbakka and Han Solo riding in a motorcycle sidecar. Now, a few days after the real The Force Awakens trailer was released, yet another Anderson-Star Wars satire has come to light. Created using the film's original shots, the parody takes Anderson's signature style—yellow font, French music, and narrated letters—to "a galaxy far... far... away." While it's not the most realistic Anderson parody we've seen—the use of both capital and lowecase letters is one particular deviation—it certainly is interesting. Watch below.

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