hudson makes pajama jeans we’d actually wear.

by liza darwin

Everyone wants jeans that feel like sweatpants, but here's the catch: we don't want jeans that look like sweatpants. Luckily, you don't have to stock your wardrobe with jeggings in order to achieve that ideal comfort and fit.

Take Hudson, who's now getting involved with its new collection of super-stretchy denim. The luxe jean brand has teamed up with ISKO on 5 styles made with a fabric called FF, which has the feel of knitwear but with the shape retention and overall look of denim. With thicker material, real buttons and zippers, and the various cuts to choose from, these options are decidedly more "jean" than "leggings," making them way more flattering than the jeggings we've tried.

We gave the skinnies a test-drive this weekend and wore them nonstop, from grabbing brunch to running errands to going out at night. And although we didn't wear them to bed (we were tempted, though), it's definitely possible.

With prices from $150 to just under $200, the pants are not exactly cheap. But considering that you can-and will want to- live in them, they're worth it.

Buy them here.