a jewelry line for people who color outside the lines.

by ali hoffman

After spotting Sienna Miller wearing a polka-dotted bikini top with striped bottoms last summer, we prompted a debate on the dos and dont's of mix and matching bikini sets. While the majority responded in favor of the trend, there were a few who feared it may be hard to pull off.

Now, a year later, the mismatched trend has taken flight, extending far beyond swimwear. And while we definitely love all the brave layering of prints happening, the question of how to create the perfect clash seems more relevant than ever before.

Enter Huiyi Tan, the British-based jewelry designer whose unique range is perfect for those seeking a more understated discord. Inspired by everyday objects like zippers and cut-up colored pencils, Tan sells most of her range in sets of multiples, encouraging buyers to mix and match pairs.

Looks like there's such a thing as controlled chaos after all. 

Check out our favorite picks below + shop the range here!