Astrology Meet Crystals: What Is Your Zodiac Sign’s Magic Rock?

A gemstone for the Gemini (and every other sign, too)

Have you ever looked over at your vanity and thought to yourself,Gosh, my haphazard knickknacks would look a lot nicer if they were propped up against a raw semi-precious stone? Your interior design instincts are correct, but how to pick the stone that's right for you? Sure, an amethyst couldn't hurt—unless it's being used to crush a cockroach, which I can't say I've never done—but surely there's some part of you that wonders what special vibes stones have and which might serve you best. Many of us have been told that we have a gemstone associated with our birth month. These matches (e.g.pearl for June) are primarily based on seasonal color-coding and some sort of arbitrary assignment which seems very profitable to jewelry manufacturers.

Before this convention gained popularity, various crystals and gems were assigned to each zodiac sign with respect to not only color but medicinal and vibrational properties. There isn't, however, a consensus on any one singular stone that pairs best and that can be a problem in late stage capitalism—too many choices make choosing hard and overspending easy. Lucky for you, I've come up with a list of one powerful stone per zodiac sign! You're welcome.

Aries: Carnelian

A soft orangey-red, this stone is the perfect thing for a creature ruled by Mars who has a whole lot of warrior energy but very few tools for grounding and emotional recharge. Carnelian is a creative stone that works through your sacral chakra to your heart chakra to bolster willpower—the will to not only achieve what you want but to keep it thriving and nurture deep roots. It dispels fears of inadequacy and encourages a deeper sense of joy in the day-to-day, qualities that go a long way to quell Aries’ infamous temper when it gets the best of them.

Taurus: Rhodonite

Oh, rhodonite, what a stone, what a stone, what a mighty good stone. Rhodonite, a heart chakra stone both pink and black, is a great companion to an Earth sign ruled by Venus. I like to think of this stone as a lovers rock because it soothes the throbbing of old wounds and encourages generosity and forgiveness. A Taurus has the capacity for enduring selfless love without bitterness, but may at times feel burdened under the weight of past betrayals. Rhodonite encourages jaded Bull-hearts to go inward and seek inner strength, self-love, and a great sense of personal abundance. This stone is all about teaching you just what you have to offer to others and what is better kept for yourself.

Gemini: Citrine

Need some help manifesting prosperity and regulating what energy you bring into your life? What about a crystal that deals in affirmation and strong communication skills? Look no further than beautiful bright citrine, a stone that wants to soothe your anxiety and manifest your desires. Citrine is all about inviting the good into your life and being focused enough to receive it. A word to the wise: Much of citrine on the market is heat-treated amethyst. To make sure that what you see is what you get, try to avoid purple-tinged citrine and citrine points, which are harder to discern. Go for honey- or citrus-colored quartzes that boast their natural color.

Cancer: Rainbow Moonstone

Talk about the divine feminine! Feast your watery heart on the cool translucent light of this stone, which inspires serene confidence and a well of loving trust toward partners and loved ones. Cancer, keep this moonstone close and let it invite synchronicity and core purpose into your daily life. A psychic aid, it will deepen your visions and strengthen your self-awareness. A psychic protector, it can help guard you against energetic leaks and overwhelm. Rainbow moonstone is a stone of empowerment; when you clear away the static, moonstone reveals the path of growth and the patterns you must break to walk it.

Leo: Pink Rhodocrosite

You know what’s gorgeous? A bright pink stone with radiating layers, a Leo who not only projects self-love but has a deep understanding of how to cultivate it, a Leo’s heart when it surrenders to self-knowledge and commits to self-healing. To get gorgeous like that, you should opt for a lovely chunk of rhodochrosite to hang right atop your heart chakra. Pink rhodochrosite is a crystal that encourages emotional healing. It is often used as an aid for working with childhood wounds and gives the person using it courage to face difficult truths, to take responsibility without shame. Rhodochrosite directs love energy inward rather than out.

Virgo: Ocean Jasper

I might be overstepping my influence here since ocean jasper isn’t exactly top of the list for stones associated with Virgo, but I think there’s something in ocean jasper that suits a Virgo’s path toward spiritual growth and emotional well-being. This stone vibrates with the throat chakra to help you inhabit loving speech and communication. Virgo, ruled by Mercury, can sometimes use a little help communicating their best self—especially because they often let details get in the way of their dreams. Ocean jasper wants to ease tensions established by false hierarchies of need. It values harmony, self-acceptance, and the meeting of like minds.

Libra: Tourmalated Quartz

Lucky Libra has tourmalated quartz as one of her traditional birthstones, and she should take full advantage of the pairing. Tourmalated quartz is dual energy crystal, using the clarifying energy of quartz stone and the purifying energy tourmaline. Clear with splinters of black, a balance of light and dark, tourmalated quartz wants to tune your third eye toward the heavens and strengthen your intuition. It won’t let you get stuck in self-doubt and indecision because its big vibrations promise there’s something bigger going on than your ego.

Scorpio: Labradorite

What to get for the sign that spends most of their time mixing potions and weeping privately? How about a magic crystal the color of the Atlantic? Labradorite was made for Scorpios that have resolved to live fully in their power. It is a stone that develops psychic powers, telepathy, and invites synchronicity while pushing negativity to the wayside. You might think that Scorpios have enough telepathy and psychic powers as it is, but the truth is the more time a Scorpio spends developing their metaphysical prowess, the less time they spend brooding about who can’t love them the way they need to be loved.

Sagittarius: Turquoise

A stone that fosters the compassionate pursuit of truth, turquoise is a great ally to Sagittarius people. Sagittarians are passionate about knowledge, attaining it and spreading it far and wide, but knowledge doesn’t always spread the way you mean it to. Impeccable word, forthrightness, active listening, and mindful engagement are critical ways to infuse our communications with empathy. Turquoise seeks to infuse your words with weight and validity. Speaking of validity, a highly desirable and sought-after stone, one must beware of counterfeits.

Capricorn: Flourite

You know what’s nice? A big beautiful piece of fluorite in the sunlight, a swirling mix of green and purple in clear crystal, a stone that just wants you to have some calm and clarity in this tumultuous world. Fluorite is a brain-boosting crystal, it promotes precise vision and dispels brain fog. A stone interested in mental balance and order, fluorite can lessen anxiety about the future and confusion regarding large life decisions. While not usually on the list of Capricorn birthstones, fluorite is a great companion for Capricorns, an energetic support for the sign that spends all its energy supporting others. 

Aquarius: Cryolite

I’m on this new beat; like, instead of giving star babies stones that work to strengthen their weak points, I’m gonna suggest stones that make you even more good at what you’re good at. It’s summertime and school’s out, so let the learning come from doing something well and often rather than drudging through field of lack. With that in mind, I offer you cryolite, a brilliant white stone boasting strong vibrations in all chakras. That’s right, I said all! Cryolite is dynamic and moves light throughout the body, linking spirit, mind, and heart. Here’s where it gets strange (like you, Aquas, like it): When submerged in water, cryolite can appear invisible and, when handled, cryolite must be kept sealed because it is found alongside toxic minerals and contains aluminum. How’s that for a fun challenge?

Pisces: Bloodstone

I know what you wanted, something dreamy, a crystal vision like the kind you’re most fluent in. Well, maybe you’ll get what you want, but not from me! You can vibe with something blue and glittery any day of the week, Pisces, all crystals love the water in you. Me, I think you should get your hands on some bloodstone. Bloodstone is the riverbank, the sea floor, it’s earthy dark. A March stone that is often green and red, bloodstone promotes personal power, spiritual tenacity, and a sense of personal duty. With this powerful and ancient stone in hand, you can face the challenges of life on land with integrity. Place it near your bed and let it vibrate your dreams into a plausible reality.