How To Punk ‘N’ Spice Up Your Life

    According to some of the coolest musicians out there

    by · October 05, 2016

    Photographed by Nina Westervelt

    Punk is more than spiked hair, torn clothes, and a lived-in leather jacket. It’s not limited to electric guitars and screaming, either. As we came to learn this past weekend at The Meadows Music and Arts Festival, it’s a state of mind and one that promotes creativity. Embrace it! It’s the punks of their respective fields that change the game, after all. And, if you need some words of encouragement, see what some of our favorite musicians who took the stages at The Meadows have to say.

    Take a page out of their own book and play by your own rules. If that’s too anti-authoritative for you, learn how to bend the rules to fit your agenda. It would not be very punk of you to follow trends anyway.

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