What You Need For The Perfect Soulful Sunday

    An essentials guide

    by · March 20, 2017

    Weekend warriors know the power of a good Sunday. It is, depending on your schedule, the final calm before the storm of the work week. It’s a mini eye in the hurricane of life; a chance to recharge, plan, and do you, boo. However you choose to fill this day of rest (which, depending on your schedule, might mean your Sunday actually falls on, say, a Tuesday), finding comfort and time to yourself is key.

    Some Sundays are for sleeping in all day, some are for chores, and others are for soul searching. The following guide is versatile enough to make any or all of those things as pleasurable and as rewarding as possible. You owe it to yourself to kick back and take it easy. After all, Sundays do come but once a week. If only we could na-ma-stay in a Sunday-kinda-lovin’ mood each and every day.

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