editor’s pick: talk to the hand

because the face won’t listen.

by steff yotka

Sometimes life gives you lemons, but you left your juicer at home, so making lemonade is not an option. For those gruesome situations, I try to channel my inner Jinx Monsoon and repeat, "Water off a duck's back," until my problems vanish on the horizon. 

But sometimes getting in touch with the drag queen in me just doesn't do the trick--I mean, some of life's lemons can be particularly sour. When the goes gets real tough, I'm going to take action the old school way--in print. 

My plan? Send these "Whatever Forever" postcards from Sara M. Lyons to anyone who's serving me those sour lemons with "special" messages on the back. 

Get yourshere and get in on the snail mail fun.