editor’s pick: a leo by any other name…

… is still a dreamboat.

by steff yotka

It's the first Friday of spring! That means you're probably planning a picnic, walk, BBQ, or bike ride for this weekend, but let me propose a way better idea: a Leonardo DiCaprio movie marathon. (Hey, a lot of the films are beach-themed so it's sort of like being at the beach yourself, right?!) 

And now I'm about to make your DiCaprio fest a lot more awesome by helping you figure out exactly which DiCaprio character would be your soulmate IRL. All you have to do to find out if your dream dude is more of a Romeo or a Gatsby is take the quiz below. The best part is that there is no bad result--no matter how you answer you get Leonardo DiCaprio... if only real life were like that. 

(P.S. If you're wondering what the inspiration for my DiCaprio movie marathon is, it's this swoon-worthy bracelet in NYLON's shop featuring Leo's face in the center of a glittery blue heart.)