What It’s Like Inside An ASMR Spa

Whisperlodge is here to help you find relaxation

by Hafeezah Nazim

Whisperlodge is not just your average spa. Sure, it relaxes you like any other, but not with massages. Instead, it uses gentle sound and calming visuals to calm you down. This phenomenon is described as ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response), and it's meant to induce a tingling sensation through a person's body through visual or audio stimuli.

Melinda Lauw, one of the spa's co-creators, tells us this and more while on a tour of the spa's New York location. "It's all about the smallest, little touch," she explains. "The feel of the brush on your hand, the smell of rose water―it's very, very subtle."

The reaction is said to help many who suffer from anxiety, sleep deprivation, or stress. 

She adds, "New York City, in particular, is a very busy city―there are a lot of street sounds and noises all around you. So we hope that Whisperlodge will be a place for you to escape from that."

Embark on your own sensory journey with the video, below.


Produced by Tina VadenDirected and shot by Shruti Rya GangulyEdited by Lanee BirdMusic: "From A Rooftop" - Love Törngren via Epidemic Sound