Whitney Is “No Woman”

watch “no woman” now

Late last year, we introduced you to a band named Whitney. Fast forward to today, and they've just released "No Woman," the first single off their forthcoming (currently untitled) debut album. Once again, Whitney has crafted another charming tune that channels an introverted, subdued nature. When we interviewed frontman Julien Elrich about the band a few months ago, he explained the whole concept behind Whitney: "Whitney lives alone, records a lot, drinks a lot, and lives in a world without Internet," he said. "He's really good at writing soulful country records."

The accompanying music video shows the band hanging out in the woods, passing around cases of PBR, and wandering aimlessly on a crisp fall day. There are scenes where they engage in activities that seem like typical things that guys do, which is appropriately fitting since the song is called "No Woman." Watch the video in full, above.