Why Artists Still Love Music Festivals

    14 musicians speak out

    by · April 21, 2017

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    Now that festival season is in full swing, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by it all. There are officially more music festivals than we can count on our hands, making one wonder if it’s even worth it. And that’s just what we think as festival-goers. What’s it like to be the ones playing them?

    For artists, festival season is like living in a never-ending boot camp as they trek through all the dirt, sweat, and booze from one city to the next. All of that nonstop performing can certainly take a toll, yet there are tons of artists who still heavily partake in the festival scene. With that in mind, in-between stops on the road, we talked to 14 musicians about why they still love music festivals.

    Read all of their candid responses in the gallery, below. If you’re wondering how to get through the season alive, take notes from these survival tips.

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