wild at heart

the prettiest tour diary we’ve ever seen.

by rebecca willa davis

We listen to a lot of music at NYLON--in fact, most of our time is devoted to getting through the massive towers of CDs that pile up on our desk. But every now and then we'll come across a band that is so good we can't help but drop everything (and ignore the awaiting upcoming releases) and play them on repeat. Wild Belle is that band--we'd rather not divulge how many times we've listened to "Keep You"--as much for their music as their overall vibe (watch their music video for "It's Too Late" for proof).

So when the brother-sister duo of Natalie and Elliot Bergman hit the road and documented their trip with, as the striking blonde puts it, "both cell phone and video camera," we knew it would only result in more must-see footage. As they wound their way from where-is-that?! French cities (Lille, Nantes, Toulouse) to American landmarks (including Yosemite National Park and the Grand Canyon) before ending in New York, there were plenty of adventures to capture. Natalie puts it thus: "On our last Wild Belle tour we boogied with Nick Cave's Soundsuits in France, recorded at BBC's Maida Vale Studio in London, went horseback riding in Death Valley, danced on Miami's beach, swung from trees, and got lost in the desert!"

But really, you have to watch it to believe it. And in case you were wondering: The entire video is set to the band's cover of Jennifer Lara's "I'm In Love" (which, in turn, is a cover of Evelyn King's own version). Then start gearing up for the band's full-length release on March 12--we can say with certainty you won't be listening to anything else.

Visit facebook.com/wildbelle for more info. And here's what Wild Belle like to do when they're not touring.