Watch The Trailer for Will Ferrell’s “Ferrell Takes The Field”

will our national pastime survive ‘ferrell takes the field’? eh, maybe

As Ken Burns would tell you, the past is present in every game of baseball. Every pitch, every at-bat, and every out exists together in a living tapestry of captured moments that stretches back over a century. This is why records are so important to our national pastime, and why Will Ferrell’s latest project is—like it or not—history.

One day in March, Ferrell took the field with 10 teams in five different games, playing all 10 field positions in an unprecedented feat that will doubtless never be matched. Of course, he was wickedly awful throughout, but history doesn’t care about quality. History is cool with that. History loved Talladega Nights.

Now, Funny or Die and HBO have released the trailer for Ferrell Takes the Field, a 30 for 30ish doc chronicling this moment that will, we can only hope, land the star of Zoolander and A Deadly Adoption in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Watch it above and weep patriotic tears of joy with your cap over your heart. (/Film)