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willow & jaden smith’s new music is very weird and very good

the smith siblings toss us another curve ball

by landon peoples

A lot of people thought Willow and Jaden Smith went off the deep end on account of their deeply strange interview with T Magazine, but to us it felt more like two teenagers finally making contact with the outer limits of their consciousness, or something. That deeper understanding of the universe and their place in it is finally translating to their music, as the two siblings—once known for making hooky, radio-ready pop—have dropped a trove of new material on their Soundclouds. The songs are meandering, mature (Willow is only 14, and Jaden is 16), soulful, experimental, and above all, good. This is what music sounds like when your influences come from music blogs and not the Billboard 100. Also, shout out to Willow for covering a King Krule track—girl's got taste.