Video Premiere: Winter Skin’s “Know Better”

low-key pop about late-night decisions

Sometimes you want to jam out to a super-catchy song, singing along at the top of your lungs. And other times, you just wanna chill out and relax your ears, mind, body, and soul. Yet still there are those rare times when you want a song to be both catchy, relaxing, and super-relatable—but not in an over-the-top, heartbreakingly dramatic way; just a, "Yeah, I totally feel that" vibe. This song is perfect for just such an occasion. 

If you aren't familiar, Winter Skin is a low-key pop duo out of Denver, Colorado. Making up one-half of the band Ashtree, Will Johnston and Joe Tafoya have spent the past couple of years on tour, quietly working behind the scenes on this new project. Winter Skin released the first single off their upcoming EP (produced by Matt Malpass) last month. "Know Better" pays homage to all those late-night decisions you can’t stop making. They called on fashion photographer Dana Pennington to create a visual representation of those all-too-familiar feelings and contradictions.

The video tells the story of a run-in with an ex, and that temptation to rush back into a relationship before coming to your senses. “It’s a relatable dilemma,” Pennington said, “I completely identified with the song. I wanted to tell a story that people could empathize with. We’ve all been through that angst.” 

Watch the video above, and whether your personal late-night temptations involve people or food groups, you will feel like you're right there in that moment. And I dare you not to watch it five more times in a row.

Keep an eye out for more singles and an EP dropping from Winter Skin later this year!