Illustrated by Ricky Michiels.


10 Ways to Make Your Wardrobe Literally Witchier

it’s magick

In an age where any mystical millennial can wear their favorite tarot card and talk about their aura without fear of judgment, accessing your inner witch has never been easier. Everyone has an innate sense of spirituality, and anyone can be a witch. For most of us, however, it’s a conscious decision down a harmonious path between spirit, soul, and Mother Earth. And although it can often feel like fashion is not related to witchcraft at all—it totally is.

We move through this life, through this incarnation, in our clothing—how we experience, feel, and relate to those around us is, for the most part, is literally in what we wear. And although many covens practice skyclad, or in the nude, most of our days are spent entangled between the layers of cotton, wool, pleather, and faux fur we wear on our skin. Any fashion girl knows the power in a good outfit—but have you ever thought about how you could harness this power, a la witch? Here are 10 easy ways to get your hocus pocus on.

Wear Your CrystalsWhether you pray at the altar of amethyst or Indian jade, wearing a stone you vibe with is an easy way to balance your chakras and look good at the same time. Different crystals have different properties—like how rose quartz helps you find love and works with your heart chakra—so picking a crystal that matches your intention for the day is an especially potent way to harness all those universal witchy powers you possess. Make your own crystal wrap with some wire and a favorite stone, or buy something that sings to you and your personal style. If you want to get some extra juju in, charge your crystal by meditating on it and infusing it with your intention. Then make sure to wear that ish. 

Sage Your Closet You sage your room, you sage yourself, but have you ever thought to sage your closet? Think about how many feelings and energies and emotions your clothing picks up! Just like you remember what you wore to that house show three months ago because your outfit was dope, your clothes remember the feelings and energies you picked up while you were there. Go through your closet with some white sage smoke and cleanse your clothing—ask the universe to release anything that doesn’t serve you in your absolute highest favor. Energetically dry cleaning your clothing can totally be a thing. 

Be Inspired by Tarot CardsNeed some new outfit or makeup inspo but are feeling super uninspired? Turn to the tarot. Whether you’re an avid reader or just happen to have a deck laying around, pulling a card to inspire your beauty or outfit regimen will help you physically connect with the messages of the card. Shuffle the deck, ask for some sartorial or beauty inspiration, and pull a card! Three of Swords? Red lips and all black. The Sun? How about some copper eyes and gold capped boots? The options are endless—just don’t forget to listen to your intuition.

Hand Wash Those ClothesJust like you sage your clothes and infuse your crystals with intention, you can also physically wash your intention into your clothing. Next time you're hand washing your favorite Reformation bodysuit or whatnot, try infusing it with energy and love. Thank the clothing for making you look and feel good, and imagine energy flowing from your palms into the piece as you wash it lovingly. Want an extra dose of sass? Planning to wear the piece to see a potential boo? Think of the best case scenario and imagine how you want to feel when you wear the piece you’re washing and infuse that into the garment. Feelings are manifestations of how you’re living in the present—feel your feelings and send them into your clothes!

Match Your Outfit to Your AuraMaybe you’re feeling kinda pink, maybe you’re feeling kind of blue. Matching your outfit to your aura is the new black. Just kidding, black is the new black. But taking time at the start of your day to feel where you are—and to sit with it—will not only help you have a more spacious and present day, but it will make you feel more integrated spiritually. This is especially true if you match your outfit to your aura—hello spiritual and sartorial integration! You can even take this test to see what color your aura is so you can match your outfit accordingly!

Put Charms and Talismans in Your PurseThoughts become things—your beliefs hold a ridiculous amount of power and this is one of the reasons that carrying a charm or talisman with you can work wonders. Have a lucky lighter that you got from London? Or a penny you found on your favorite day in NYC? Taking a lucky charm or talisman with you in your purse is a simple way to make sure you have a little extra white light protection throughout your day. You can even carry a crystal and some charms in a little pouch (extra points if you make it yourself and/or cleanse it). Whip your little talismans out and hold them in your left hand when you need an additional dose of TLC from the universe.

Wear an Heirloom, Antique, or Friendship HorcruxWe all have that one friend that was put on this earth to find hidden treasures at flea markets and Goodwill. You know the one—they always find THE perfect bodysuit or vintage Aquarius coin necklace for you. Their gifts are always on point and touch you at your soul. Wearing gifts that friends give to you, or wearing heirlooms and antiques passed down to you from your family, is the perfect way to feel extra witchy. Think of it like a friendship Horcrux. Your BFF gives you something and infuses it with part of his or her soul—they live on through you and whatever you’re wearing. It's like adding a layer of their aura to your own, but in a cute, not creepy, way.

Pick a Scent That Speaks to YouHumans are pretty much giant noses with feet. Well, not really, but scent really is one of the most evocative senses. Smell the smell of someone you once knew in a random place and you’ll know what we’re talking about. In this way, wearing an oil or perfume that speaks to you can really help you integrate a new level of witchiness into your everyday life. Just like crystals have their own properties, so do herbs and the essential oils they’re infused into. There are plenty of guides to aromatherapy and the magick of plants—but the bottom line is that you have to love how you smell. So find something that matches your spirit.

Charm Your ShoesSwear to goddess, there is nothing that can stop a woman in a good pair of shoes and some lipstick. But have you ever stopped to think about how important what you wear on your feet is? Your shoes are not only what literally grounds you, but for most of us, they’re the first and only thing that makes contact with the Earth. Our shoes carry us through this life, so why wouldn’t we want to infuse some extra magick into them? Cast a charm on the bottom of your shoes for luck and good travel—you can create a sigil or simply use a protective symbol to carve into your shoes. Sit down with your intention in a safe and quiet space, meditate on it and take the time to carve or draw your chosen symbol onto the soles of your shoes (on the outside)! Be careful, be smart, and extra points to Gryffindor if you sage your shoes beforehand!

Wear Something That Makes You Feel Like a BadassRemember that scene in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix when Harry casts the Cruciatus curse and Bellatrix tells him that he has to mean it? This is pretty much a real thing in witchcraft. You have to mean it and feel it to manifest it. This is equally true with whatever outfit you wear. Your inner witch is going to come out and play when you feel like the mystical, magical, badass, powerful woman you are. Wear something that makes you feel like you can take over the world—then believe it and do it. Wearing what makes you feel powerful, beautiful, and capable is step one to unleashing the witch within. Don’t ever be afraid to do you, and don’t you dare apologize for it.