3 Cinematographers Get Real About Being Women In Film

Get ready for some girl talk

According to the Center for the Study of Women in Television & Film, in 2016, women accounted for 7 percent of directors, 13 percent of writers, 17 percent of executive producers, 24 percent of producers, 17 percent of editors, and 5 percent of cinematographers. Last year, only 8 percent of films were directed by women. These abysmal numbers should make you mad! It definitely frustrates the hell out of us.

During this year’s Sundance Film Festival, cinematographers Catherine Goldschmidt, Quyen Tran, and Nadia Hallgren spoke on a panel titled "Girl Talk: Women in Cinematography" in the Canon Creative Studio about the subject. Afterward, we chatted with the trio about their separate experiences in the film industry. During one-on-ones, they shared some advice for fellow women hoping to get into cinematography, why it’s important for women to help other women, and how there's definite strength in numbers. Hear what the ladies had to say, ahead.