wonder walls

moca and levi’s are giving your jean jacket an artsy makeover.

by joelle hyman

You've been told not to wear your heart on your sleeve, but you've probably never been warned about art on your back.

Levi's collaborated with the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) to make your favorite works wearable. Every two weeks, the duo will debut a new artist/jacket combination to add to the already impressive line-up.

The collaboration currently features pop-artist Kenny Scharf (which will look familiar if you've seen his mural off of the Bowery), and Mr. André, the Parisian graffiti artist who features his signature “Mr. A” tag. Other jackets show off the work of veteran street artists Chaz Bojorquez, Crash, Lady Pink, Steve Powers, and, newest addition, KR and his signature drippy-paint tag.

Check out the jackets here, but if you want to pick one up do it quickly because there's only fifty of each available.