song premiere: wrabel

introducing our new favorite genre, “poolside pop.”

by liza darwin

You might not know Wrabel by name-- but unless you've been hiding under a rock the past few months or actively avoiding the radio, you've definitely heard of him. The LA-based singer and songwriter lent his vocals to Afrojack's massive hit "10 Feet Tall" back in February, and now he's breaking out on his own with a new EP and a crystal-clear pop sound.

We've had Sideways on loop ever since it first landed on our desks, and after hours of headbobbing and singing along, we can 100-percent confirm that this guy is your perfect poolside soundtrack. Stocked with the soulfulness of a Sia or Sam Smith, and a melodic pop DNA that throws back to icons like Paul Simon, the title track twists heartbreak into something, well, beautiful. And just like a glass of cold lemonade (or whatever else you drink while you're hanging out outside), it goes down smooth, easy, and totally sweet.

Listen to the exclusive premiere of "Sideways" below, then pick up Wrabel's debut EP on June 24th. 

Find out more about Wrabel here.