wu tang 20 year collection

“On guard, I’ll let you try my Wu-Tang style,”

by Josh Madden

To talk--or in this case, write--about the legendary Wu Tang Clan, we must first consider a few things. First, the Staten-Island natives singlehandedly changed the name of their neighborhood to Shaolin Island. There is an entire generation that will immediately think of Kung Fu at the mere mention of the borough. Secondly, the Clan consists of 10 members--RZAGZAMethod ManRaekwon,Ghostface KillahInspectah DeckU-GodMasta Killa, sometimes Cappadonna and the late Ol' Dirty Bastard (who is responsible for the collective's name). There isn't another outfit like this in music of any genre; these guys aren't just a rap group but more like a media collective, with multiple members starring in movies, video games, books, toys and all kinds of products based around their logo and color scheme. Their "Corporation" website is literally WuTang-corp.com, their WU Tang clothing is sold around the world and everyone from Girls to dads and even Harrison Ford are fans of the clan.

So, we've established that Wu Tang are a recognized and celebrated force in all parts of our culture. But did you know 2013 marks their 20th anniversary? In celebration of 20 years of Wu the killa bees have created a collection of black and yellow perfection. Our favorite pieces, if we must narrow it down, are the Sword Patch Pullover and Discography Strapback. The Enter the Wu-Tang and Return to the 36 Chambers album art on the hat make it an instant certified classic. The whole collection is so good you will need to create a new chamber to store it all. Check out the whole collection HERE--it's impeccable by all standards.