Watch The Trailer For Netflix’s Pro-Rave Film ‘XOXO’


Are you ready for another movie about EDM? Before you answer that question, remember that Netflix always knows better than you do. In a few weeks, the streaming service will release a coming-of-age drama called XOXO. 

The film offers a glimpse at what happens at an EDM festival from both sides of the spectrum. Starring Sarah Hyland, Hayley Kiyoko, Graham Phillips, Chris D'Elia, Brett DelBuoni, and LaMonica Garret, we watch as all of the characters cross paths and come together at "the craziest rave in America." 

Based on the newly released trailer, XOXO doesn't skip any of the neon-filled, psychedelic trappings that we are accustomed to seeing at these spectacles. You can expect to spend a few hours watching 20-somethings struggle to figure out who they really are while also finding love in the most hopeless of places.

Of all the advertisements, the poster for the film really nails what this life is all about: "EAT. SLEEP. RAVE. REPEAT." With a soundtrack featuring bangers by Skrillex and Disclosure, at least we know that the music will be on point. (To be honest, nothing could turn out worse than the flop that was We Are Your Friends.)

XOXO will be available to stream starting on August 26. Check out the trailer, above.