Our favorite running shorts at a price that can’t be beat…

by Josh Madden

We don't know where you are in your holiday eating (Into guilt? Into working out?) but we joined the gym a week before Thanksgiving to try and combat the year-end pitfall. Anyone who's been out shopping for workout gear knows that a trip to the sporting goods store can run you a couple hundred bucks, and after making a recent discovery, we just have to share.

After looking everywhere for running gear and shorts to wear in the weight room, we came across an old favorite we'd forgotten. Remember your old high school gym shorts from Soffe? The company has been around since 1946, and recently launched their XT46 collection.

The whole range is consists of gear we're actually wearing to the gym daily because not only is it made well but the prices are incredible. The line consists of everything from cold weather trailing pants and combat crews to sleeveless tees and our favorite running shorts. The minimal branding and color palette are solid--now all we're waiting for is some hooded running jackets!

Check out the entire XT46 collection HERE and follow Soffe on Twitter HERE for inside info on sales and new releases. Trust us when we say we got four or five gym [KITS OR FITS?kits] for the price of one.