song premiere: yawn

    give your wednesday an unexpected kick with their new single!

    by liza darwin · September 03, 2014

    They might be called YAWN, but just one listen from this Chicago foursome will confirm what we already know: when it comes to making music, these guys are anything but boring.

    The group have already won a loyal following for their tripped-out melodies and eclectic beats on their first LP, 2011's Open Season, and now they're taking it up a notch in a big way. In their sophomore album Love Chills (out September 9), get ready to even more irresistible guitar riffs, synth-driven pop, and psychedelic percussion. Even better, all of these things are wrapped around a chant-along chorus. 

    Get a first taste of what's coming up soon with our exclusive premiere of YAWN'S newest track, "What's In The World" here.  

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