keep your new year’s resolution. get some cool art too.

by ali hoffman

A year ago, in an effort to stay goal-oriented, Nylon's entire digital department created a New Year's Resolution Constitution.

But even though we signed, dated and swore to stick to our personal objectives, the result was pretty much a failure.

Shockingly, we weren't the only ones feeling this way.

Enter Chris Stegner, the graphic designer and creator of The Resolve Project, a online gallery where artists turn their New Years Resolutions into downloadable wallpaper and iPhone backgrounds. Aside from each being free to download, the site also offers a template, so you can personalize your very own. Which is great considering our New Year's Resolution- "Don't feel guilty about not accomplishing last year's resolution"- isn't up there yet. 

Check out a couple of our favorites from the site (below) and see the whole project here.