Illustration by Jihyang Lim


Yelp Now Notifies You Of Businesses With Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

The real green light

Like many people, we like to know as much about restaurants as we can before we sit down to eat—including knowing where a business stands in terms of human rights.

One of the biggest human rights issues facing us right now revolves around how we treat transgender people in our country. Recently, the Trump administration's callousness about transgender lives was made clear when Trump repealed President Obama’s Title IX order that allowed transgender students to use bathrooms that correspond with their gender identity.

The order has been a huge blow to the LGBTQ community, but many people and businesses are trying to rise above the madness and promote a stance for equality. One example of this is Yelp, which recently announced that it will help users find businesses with gender-neutral bathrooms. 

In a blog post, the company stated that it is introducing a new function to help identify businesses that offer customers access to gender-neutral bathrooms. Yelp also showed support for trans student, Gavin Grimm during his suit against his school board for denying him the use of the boys’ restroom. The company also claims to "thrive on inclusion and acceptance," so their participation should not be perceived as out of character.

Take a look at the new feature in the screenshot, below. In the meantime, you can also support the trans community by donating to these crowdfunds