photographed by liz riccardi


you oughta know: bird and knoll

wanderlust fashion.

There was once a time when printed scarves reigned supreme, regarded as one of the most fashionable must-have accessories to liven up a drab outfit. But seeing as most good things must come to an end, overproduction and poor craftsmanship tainted the reputation of almost all patterned scarves. So, for the past few years, women reverted to plain knits and traditional embroidered pashminas to layer over wool sweaters and blue jeans.

Bird and Knoll, started last year by Macayla Chapman and photographer Natalie Knoll, is aiming to change the game by digitally printing inspired photographs of Turkish markets, Bali festivals, African safaris, and motorcycles in Marrakech onto large cashmere scarves and cotton canvas pouches. However cliche it may sound, each piece is captivating with its strong coloring and lines, which become abstract pieces of art with each drape and fold. Whether you're just looking to integrate a bit of inspiration into your everyday or seeking the perfect travel accessory to fuel your wanderlust endeavours, Bird and Knoll has you covered.

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