you oughta know: the people’s movement

you need these shoes for the fourth of july.

Not sure about you, but the Fourth of July is my absolute favorite holiday. I mean, what could be better than stuffing your face with BBQ while hanging out with friends on rooftops and running around barefoot with sparklers? Might sound like the dream of a six-year-old, but that's how Fourth of July makes me feel: as independent as we are!

When it comes to fashion for the holiday, though, I'm always trying to not overdo it with my patriotism. I try to find ways to still rock trendy looks without looking like an actual flag. So when I came across the new collection from The People's Movement, I knew I had to have at least one of their new pieces for U.S.A. day (you might want to skip ahead to their website and place your order now if you want the ultimate shoe for your party outfit in time for your actual party).

So, what is The People's Movement? They're an eco-friendly footwear and accessories brand based in Solana Beach, California. Not only are their collections completely made of organic and upcycled materials (think actual plastic bags cleaned up from places like Bali), but they also donate a percentage of sales to reducing plastic pollution. Oh, and they look seriously classic. Plus, their new line is perfect for adding a touch of red, white, and blue to your favorite outfit.

Peek through the gallery, featuring images from their latest catalog, to see some of the brand's awesome styles that will totally inspire your holiday ensemble. Then visit their site right here to scoop up your own pair!