Photo by Aimanness


Yuna Shows Us The Beauty Of “Unrequited Love” In Her Latest Visual

“Sometimes you find yourself trying to let go of something…”

At some point in our lives, we've all suffered at the hands of a lover that doesn't reciprocate our feelings. Yuna dives deeper into the psyche of this beast in the music video for "Unrequited Love." The blue-hued visual starts off with a long, thought-provoking narration from Yuna:

Sometimes you find yourself trying to let go of something, but it's like you've been swimming in the ocean for a very long time, and you feel like you belong there. You are one with the waves—the warmth of the water and your body moves in sync with the ocean, and you swim around just trying to stay afloat. And then you get tired, and you start to drown, and you swim back to land. When you get there, you feel so heavy because you lost touch with gravity for so long. You collapse on the beach as you try to find balance again.

As the R&B singer-songwriter recites this deep metaphor, the grainy footage cuts between scenes of a woman and man roaming alone on a beach. Yuna told us that the video "tells a story about how sometimes we can be too attached to something that's just not meant for us." The couple goes from walking barefoot in the sand to submerging their bodies into the ocean while fully clothed. Eventually, they find their way back to each other on the shore and stare into the abyss of water as the waves crash endlessly.

Watch the entire narrative unfold in the video, below.