Zayn Is Laser Focused In His Sci-Fi Video For “Like I Would”

The singer’s latest visual gets the Director X treatment.

Few things look as a cool as choreographed lasers gliding around in a dark room to music. That's why clubs are so awesome. Director X—who helped launch a million memes with Drake's "Hotline Bling" video—knows this. That's why he amplified the effect in the new video for Zayn Malik's chilly single, "Like I Would." Like Drake's video, this clip follows an unbreakable formula: Take male a pop star, place him on a soundstage surrounded by striking visuals, and make him dance. Zayn, who is decked out in a Tron–aping LED suit and a single orange contact lens, does his best to embody the song's moody vibe, but because no one man is charismatic enough to carry an entire video themselves, Director X cuts between Zayn and a coterie of leather-clad female dancers. It's textbook stuff, but it works. Watch the video above.