Photo courtesy of Bullhorn Publicity.


Zealyn’s New Track Is Made For Teasing

“Sleep On It”

The past few years have seen a resurgence of experimental sounds, avant-garde genre fusions, all lead by powerful female voices. BANKS and FKA twigs are the first that come to mind, with L.A.-based Zealyn coming closely behind. (Not too bad of company for a rising artist, eh?)

Today, we're premiering her new song "Sleep On It." Speaking to us over e-mail, Zealyn said the track was "written about the moments leading up to making an important decision, and being so unsure of what to do." She added, "We all know how it feels to try so hard to not stress, want more time, and make sure you think everything through." In the song, she floats above chopped vocals and a swirling synth line. The subtle aggressive tone leaves an empowering aftertaste. 

"Sleep On It" (available April 1) is lifted from Zealyn's forthcoming album Limbic System. Summer's about to be cooled down and, well, low-key lit. Sleep on it until then.