Zendaya Sizzles In Bruno Mars’ Steamy New Video

And steals the show

In news that we didn't see coming, Zendaya is Bruno Mars' love interest in his new steamy video for “Versace On The Floor.”

In the transfixing video, though the two dwell in different rooms, Mars’ voice, which Zendaya can hear through the walls, has its way with her. When he commands her to dance, she dances. When he sings the line “I unzip the back to watch it fall,” her dress comes undone. And, yes, by the end of the video, her Versace dress does end up on, you guessed it, the floor. The cameo is a departure from the young Disney roles we're used to seeing the 20-year-old in. And though we always knew she was wise beyond her years, here's proof she has sex appeal to boot.

The video debuted following the Teen Choice Awards last night, where Zendaya also gave a poignant speech after receiving the award for Choice Summer Movie Actress. “With all the injustice and the hatred and everything that is happening not only in the world but in our country right now, I need all you young people, I need all you guys to be educated, I need you to listen, I need you to pay attention,” she told the audience and viewers. “Because you are the leaders, you’re the future leaders of the world, you’re the future presidents, the future senators, and you guys are the ones who are gonna make this world better.” Listen to Generation Z, people.