Zipper Club Goes The Distance In Their New Video

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What do you get when you combine Mason James of garage rock band Cerebral Ballzy and singer-songwriter Lissy Trullie? Zipper Club, the duo's new project, answers that question with their debut single, "Going The Distance."

For James, Zipper Club's mellowed-out sound and catchy hooks mark a vast departure from his raucous punk days. He sees the band as a "huge change and not a logical one”—yet upon hearing the pop-tinged tracks, you begin to make sense of James and Trullie's shared knack for lyricism and songwriting. 

Directed by James alongside Jason Hogg, the video for "Going The Distance" sets the infectious track in a desert. The camera pans in on a bright red car driven by two long-haired kidnappers who hold the members of Zipper Club hostage. The musicians are blindfolded and led through the terrain toward the inner circle of a cult. 

The video is the duo's antidote to "the impulse to make a music video just singing in an interesting environment." They construct a literal interpretation of the song by creating a short film. "We drove far away to the desert, plunged into freezing water, climbed rock formations, and let our friends beat us up a little.”

Combining elements of rock and roll with the weird and occult, the gripping video for "Going The Distance" showcases Zipper Club's talent for storytelling. The single will be featured on the band's upcoming LP, produced by James Iha of The Smashing Pumpkins. Watch the clip for "Going The Distance" below, and prepare to be left wanting more.