10 Black-Owned Virtual Fitness Classes To Try At Home, From Boxing To Barre

Studios all across the country, now available in your living room.

The recent Black Lives Matter protests has exposed a range of racial inequalities that continue to plague several industries, fitness included. In July 2020, CrossFit CEO and founder Greg Glassman was slammed for his offensive tweets regarding the murder of George Floyd, followed by his resignation — and he's not alone. Workout spaces — gyms, studios, clubs — have long been breeding grounds for systemic racism, with many fitness instructors and goers affirming they haven't felt "home" as a Black/POC in fitness spaces.

A 2019 analysis by Bloomberg revealed that most mega franchises (the likes of Barry's Boot Camp and Pure Barre) are usually found in neighborhoods that are over 80 percent white, while 12 of the 13 other franchises whose gyms were included in the data were also in areas with an average of 70-80 percent white people.

Still, a small but growing section of Black-founded and owned fitness studios are fostering a shift — especially as virtual classes allow newfound access to studios across the country.

Ahead, tap through for 10 Black-owned fitness studios with virtual classes to try.