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11 Body Oils That’ll Give You Glow Without The Grease

The very best options for summer 2020.

Whether you're hoping for a faux glow or your dry, dull skin is in need of some brightening, body oils are here to help, with serums tailored for multiple skin types. Hitting the beach with your friends might not be a possibility at the moment, but these 11 body oils are the best options for helping you shine your brightest in summer 2020.

From providing your summer skin with much needed hydration to adding a spritz of shimmer, body oils are a great addition to your arsenal of makeup products. Oils are especially beneficial in the summer, as the product can often withstand heat, meaning there's no risk of sweating off the product as you go about your day. Additionally, oils can penetrate the skin much deeper than other products, NYLON previously reported, and when applied directly after the shower, damp skin will really soak up the oil.

Below, you'll find some of the best body oils for summer 2020, and while some do provide protection from the sun, it's crucial to read the labels, and ensure every inch of your skin stays protected from harmful UV rays this summer.

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