Parfume Daisy Love by Marc Jacobs held high
Courtesy of Marc Jacobs Beauty


11 New Woody & Floral Fragrances Perfect For Warmer Days Ahead

From indie favorites to prestige classics, click through for the scents you'll want to wear all summer 2020.

There's often a notion that once the seasons change, you need to change all of your belongings along with them. And while it may be a dramatic idea in the grand scheme of things, it rings especially true for the world of beauty — and even more so when it comes to fragrance, specifically. When warmer days inch closer, it feels right to swap out the heavy, woody, musky scents of winter for something lighter and fresher — a scent that brings to life the feeling of sweaty, sun-kissed skin and open air.

Thankfully, for those who prefer their woody, spicy scents all year 'round, some of this year's best new fragrances lean into those notes, joining some unexpected and refreshing twists on the fruity and floral options expected come summertime. What's more, you'll find that the majority of the 10 best new fragrances for summer 2020 ahead are really just the best new fragrances of the year, full stop — scents you'll pull out season after season, long after summer has made its pass.

From indie favorites to luxe classics, click through for the very best new fragrances and perfumes for the warmer days ahead.

Fresh, spicy, and completely unique, this "functional" fragrance was designed using research that looks at the connection between cognitive function sense of smell to offer anti-stress properties. With notes of green cardamom, iris, palo santo, and cilantro, this uni-sex fragrance will calm and soothe.