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13 Shampoos That’ll Get Rid Of A Dry, Itchy Scalp

Whatever the condition, there's a shampoo for it

An itchy, flaky and dry scalp can be annoying to say the least, and definitely not the easiest things to get rid of. With summer at its peak, excess sweating and dirt can only make things worse. While there are a lot of conditions including dandruff, scalp dermatitis or psoriasis that can trigger these symptoms, even stress or using the wrong shampoo could cause identical scalp woes. Whatever the reason, over the years, a number of products have been introduced to eradicate or minimize the inflammation.

Experts often recommend shampoos with coconut oil, tea tree, salicylic acid, and apple cider vinegar —all known to help improve the condition. Of course, if the condition is severe, always consult a dermatologist first. But an array of innovative solutions can easily help control the symptoms at-home.

If you're not sure what to buy, read on below for a list of the best shampoos the market designed to target the scalp that'll work all skin (and hair) types.

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