Model wearing Fenty Beauty Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Blush
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The Best Cream Blushes Under $25, From Glossier to Maybelline

For a year 'round, healthy glow.

Blush can be quite the beauty category to navigate. From the countless hues to the variation in texture, blush is more than just a powder made for giving your face a rosy flush. As of late, more brands continue to embrace cream blush, a liquid form of the popular product that offers a more controlled means of application. Whether you fancy cheeks the shade of peaches, or even plums, cream blush is an easy, buildable alternative, and many cream blush options can be an affordable alternative in your beauty routine.

Brands like Maybelline, Glossier, and Rare Beauty have all added cream blushes to their beauty roster, and based on the reviews of consumers, this is one product you may want to try for yourself. Cream blushes are often touted as buildable, and easy to blend, with some requiring only your fingers to apply. And for those not quite ready to leave the powder blush behind, there are cream formulas that mirror its texture, and will change to a creamy formula when applied to the skin.

Below, check out some of the best cream blush options that retail for less than $25.

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Best Cream Blushes Under $25: Maybelline Cheek Heat

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Best Cream Blushes Under $25: Tower 28 BeachPlease

Best Cream Blushes Under $25: Rare Beauty Stay Vulnerable Melting Cream Blush

Best Cream Blushes Under $25: e.l.f. Cosmetics Putty Blush

Best Cream Blushes Under $25: Fenty Beauty Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Blush

Best Cream Blushes Under $25: Stila Convertible Color

Best Cream Blushes Under $25: Morphe 2 Wondertint Cheek & Lip Mousse

Best Cream Blushes Under $25: Glossier Cloud Paint