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6 Major Haircut Trends For Fall, From Modern Layers To Curly Shag Cuts

And lots of shag, according to the experts.

Fall is (somehow) right around the corner, and per usual, that means the urge to get a new fresh haircut is growing. This year, however, the seasonal routine looks a bit different. Thanks to the ongoing global pandemic and social distancing, the haircuts that'll be trending all Fall 2020 will take into account way more than aesthetics.

"This fall is different than any other in our lifetime, and people are going to be into taking risks," New York City-based hairstylist Kali Ferrara tells NYLON. "A change to your hair can be super liberating at a time like this, and you may feel that your hair is the only thing you have control over. Best case scenario, you love your new hair, if not, that’s ok, no one is seeing you."

From buzzcuts to long layers, the best styles of the season will require easy — if not extremely minimal — maintenance, so you have don't have to worry about frequent appointments or professional upkeep for the style to look fresh. What's better is that these styles can be pulled off on a wide range of textures, from pin-straight hair to kinky coils. (Plus, depending on which you gravitate towards, you might even be able to DIY the cut at home.)

Check out Fall 2020's biggest haircut trends, according to the experts and the celebrities already wearing the styles, below.

Fall 2020 Haircut Trend: Long Layers

According to Brittany Johnson of Mayvenn Hair, this fall will shine a spotlight on effortless, easy-to-maintain styles that don't skimp out on the glam. "After being in quarantine for months, many of us are working with long, layered styles that have grown out," she says, noting that the style is easy to shape and keep up in between appointments. Claire Speers, hairstylist and pro educator for amika agrees. "Clients are asking for a look that can blow-out to perfection, looks cute half-up or in a pony, and frames the face nicely."

Fall 2020 Haircut Trend: Chin-Length Bobs

"People have had a long time to look at themselves in the mirror with a messy topknot on their head," Los Angeles-based hairstylist Clariss Rubenstein tells NYLON. "I think this will inspire some drastic hair moves. I'm loving the short, blunt French bob. It's super in right now and people are wearing it with a natural texture," she adds. "It's so chic and effortless. With or without bangs, I'm a huge fan."

Fall 2020 Haircut Trend: Buzzcut

If quarantine has you feeling both extremely bold and tired of having any hair you're obligated to style for Zoom calls, a buzzcut might be your best option. While the style will require weekly to bi-weekly upkeep to maintain the low cut, you'll certainly save time in-between, seeing as you won't have to worry about styling.

Fall 2020 Haircut Trend: Curtain Bangs

The swept curtain bang style (also known as the Bardot bang) has been popular for the last couple seasons, but Ferrara expects the style to only get more popular. "A soft alternative to a full bang that is soft around your face, requires little to no maintenance, and can make any hair style (topknot, half up, down) a little more fun," she says. What's best about this style is that it's proven to work with just about every texture, from pin straight hair to kinky curls.

Fall 2020 Haircut Trend: Modern Shag

"After spending months in quarantine everyone is itching for a new look, and whatever length you choose, lived-in texture is where it's at," Michelle Cleveland, celebrity hair stylist and owner of Hair Addict Salon, tells NYLON. "The shag haircut is a great way to add volume and depth and some much needed lift to fine lifeless hair by strategically placing layers throughout the cut."

Fall 2020 Haircut Trend: Pixie Cut

If you're too intimidated by the buzzcut (which, fair) the pixie cut is an always-in-season style that requires extremely low maintenance, and bed head that can be reversed in just a couple minutes. While shorter, more androgynous cuts have been trending for the last couple of years now, you're sure to see an uptick in the styles as quarantine continues.