Clown Makeup Is YouTube’s #1 Most Searched Halloween Tutorial — Here Are the Best

From cute & creepy to full glam.

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When it comes to Halloween costumes, clowns are always in style. Reaching peak popularity with the Hollywood debut of Pennywise in IT, it seems that clown makeup is sticking around this Halloween, as as a new report from Cosmetify found that nearly 2.4 million people have Googled clown makeup ahead of Halloween 2020, while over 106k have searched for the looks on YouTube — making the clown look this year's highest searched on both platforms. Even before Halloween preparations started, clown makeup had already taken over TikTok, appearing in countless videos for a previous makeup trend.

Whether you're looking to transform into a cute or scary clown this Halloween season, here are some of the best clown makeup tutorials to help you complete the look.

Clown Makeup 2020: Evil Clown Makeup

James Charles and Avani collaborated on this colorful makeover, which proved that even evil clowns can be glamorous. The tutorial will lead you through evil clown makeup, which can easily be paired with a matching top, or a fun hairstyle to make for a Zoom appropriate costume.

Clown Makeup 2020: Pastel Clown

This look takes only minutes to complete, and was made for those that have an arsenal of colorful eyeshadow palettes in their makeup drawer. The pastel clown makeup routine is sweet, instead of scary, and you can easily vary the look with different choices in coloring.

Clown Makeup 2020: Glam Clown

Clowns are traditionally thought of as playful and fun, but Danica Theobald went glam, adding dark-colored lips, an inner-corner highlight and seriously defined brows. It's easy to elevate the glam, adding a touch of sparkly accessories to your completed look.

Clown Makeup 2020: Colorful Clown Skull

NikkieTutorials combined popular Halloween looks for this colorful clown skull tutorial. She breaks down the complete routine in this tutorial video, guiding you on how to create the clown's blown out smoky eye. As is the case with all of these looks, you're free to experiment with colors, creating your own look. Once you're finished with you makeup, you can take this look to the next level with a tulle neck accessory.

Clown Makeup 2020: Pennywise

Halloween wouldn't be complete without an appearance from Hollywood's favorite clown. Pennywise Halloween looks are as popular as ever, and this 2017 tutorial turns the gruesome character glam, complete with a glittery red nose.

Clown Makeup 2020: Cute and Creepy

For those that absolutely can't decide whether to be cute or scary for Halloween, this is the tutorial for you. The cute and creepy clown makeup video features pastel coloring and adorable accessories, but the addition of black lipstick, smudging, and some artful eye makeup transform an otherwise sweet look into something sinister.

Clown Makeup 2020: Crybaby

Get in your feelings with this clown makeup routine that comes complete with tears. The animated look features lots of neon-hued makeup, including some colorful rainbow freckles. To get in the complete Crybaby clown spirit, top the look off with a colorful wig

Clown Makeup 2020: Glitter Clown

If you don't feel like covering your entire face in makeup or paint — or spend hours working on your at-home look — this minimal glitter tutorial is for you. Less creepy, more glam.

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