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Amandla Stenberg Said TikTok Inspired Their Shaved Eyebrows

“Not everyone likes to look like a glazed donut, but that’s my vibe”

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Glazed donuts and TikTok are the unlikely inspirations behind Amandla Stenberg's latest beauty routine. Appearing in a new video for Vogue, Stenberg walked viewers through their complete beauty routine, sharing the products and food items responsible for a glow worthy of Fenty Beauty's first official brand face.

Along with sharing their face-washing routine and a basic makeup look, Stenberg uses the video to share how they do their own box braids. At the beginning of the clip, the actor explains that they spent part of quarantine learning the process, and while they've never publicly guided anyone through braiding, they were more than willing to try for the clip.

Starting off with a face washing routine that includes a face bath in ice-cold water, Stenberg begins a "very basic" skincare process. Using "pretty much only Cerave," Stenberg takes a moment to cleanse, exfoliate, use a pore strip, and then moisturize.

From there, the star starts on the box braids, saying, "I've been trying to figure out a braid look that feels kind of gender neutral, but still fem." Creating a triangle-like part, Stenberg takes two and half to three hours to create a pattern atop of their head.

Then, unwrapping each knot, Stenberg adds a hair moisturizing product and edge control "to keep It all sealed." Creating a "tomboy" look, Stenberg later connects and braids their hair with blonde hair that features a blue and silver ombre effect.

Nearly eight hours later, Stenberg completes the braids, and celebrates with a cheer in the mirror. Somehow, the actor is still ready to keep going, and dives into their makeup routine. Starting with a Milk Makeup foundation stick, Stenberg shares their sweet beauty inspiration, saying, "Not everyone likes to look like a glazed donut, but that’s my vibe." Additional items in the routine include eyeliner and the addition of a darker Milk Makeup stick for a contour effect.

Moving to their brows, Stenberg shares that yes, just like you, TikTok is their go-to source for beauty knowledge. “I just did that thing that everyone’s doing now where I shaved off the ends of my eyebrows because of goddamn TikTok, so I have a different eyebrow shape than usual,” Stenberg says. “But loving it. Absolutely loving it.” To complete the brows, Stenberg applies EcoGel as eyebrow gel, using it to keep the hairs locked in place.

As for their beauty process as a whole, Stenberg says their current view on using makeup is much different than before. "My relationship with makeup has shifted and depending on how I’m feeling in my body, how often I’m wearing it for work. Now t feels way less about covering up flaws or insecurities around myself, but more about having fun," the former Hunger Games star said.

Follow along with Stenberg's tutorial, below.

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