Carbon Theory's Overnight Detox Serum
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Don't Sleep On This

Carbon Theory’s New Serum Is The Answer To Fighting My Adult Acne

An honest review of the now-viral product.

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The viral hype surrounding Carbon Theory is very real. The UK-based skincare brand made immediate waves on social media with the release of its "miracle" acne fighting soap, and after arriving stateside earlier this year, its newest product is bound to make just as big a splash. Carbon Theory's Overnight Detox Serum is now available at Ulta, and after a few months of testing, I can officially say that my skincare routine has never felt simpler, or more effective.

Available for $21.99, the Overnight Detox Serum is a must-have item in your acne fighting regimen. Intended to be applied nightly, the serum contains charcoal, tea tree oil, and encapsulated cranberry beads. A little drop of the product goes a long way, and while the activated charcoal cleans out pores, the tea tree oil cleanses your skin and reduces breakouts. The addition of Vitamin E also works to help reduce redness, and protects skin for everyday environmental pollutants.

You can use the serum in tandem with Charcoal Theory's popular Charcoal & Tea Tree Oil Break-Out Control Facial Cleansing Bar, which is also available at Ulta for $10. Of course, you can also incorporate the serum into an already established routine, applying it after using your favorite soap.

Despite what I was led to believe in middle school, acne truly doesn't go away with age. In fact, my late twenties and early thirties have brought me some of the worst breakouts, particularly related to hormones, mask wearing, and the fact that I can't give up cookies.

Before discovering Carbon Theory, I was a frequent skincare experimenter, trying out new products with reckless abandon, dabbing my pimples in literally every acne fighting cream I could find. First trying out Carbon Theory's bar, I noticed that my skin did clear up faster. I still get pimples, but they stick around a lot less longer, and they don't appear as inflamed.

Other reviewers agree, leaving notes that the serum doesn't leave behind residue, "application is simple" and that the product is especially helpful in common acne problem areas like the chin.

Adding the serum to my routine only improved the healing process. Months into my nightly test run, and my bottle remains half-full. As someone with sensitive skin, I don't experience irritation, and I've noticed that the serum works especially well on whiteheads, helping to speed up the healing time, and further reducing the appearance of redness.

The affordability of products, coupled with ease of use, and the fact that everything has a set-time and place in your routine, makes Carbon Theory the perfect skincare regimen for those that just want results. My entire nightly washing routine can be done in minutes, and everything works while I sleep. Social media was totally right on the effectiveness of this brand, and with products retailing for less than $30, it's definitely worth trying for yourself.