Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage


Ariana Grande Just Shared Her Two New Tattoos On Instagram

They're her most noticeable ones yet.

As if she hasn't been giving fans enough to talk about during quarantine — from rare sightings of her natural hair, to her Disney Sing Along performance and forthcoming collaboration with Justin Bieber — Ariana Grande just shared two new tattoos on Instagram. In a photo posted on May 4, the pop star posed for a selfie, revealing two medium-sized butterflies wrapped around her upper arm in all black ink.

This official debut isn't necessarily the first time the internet has seen the design, though it is the first time Grande has posted a completed look at her new ink. Fans were quick to point out the initial outline of the tattoo on the 2020 Grammys red carpet, where the top of one butterfly was peering out from Grande's fancy elbow-length gray gloves. At the time, the internet was convinced the tattoo was one of her daintiest yet, but her latest Instagram update confirms it just wasn't fully done. In fact, it's now one of Grande's biggest, most noticeable tattoos to date. (Like, did you know she has over three dozen known tattoos? Exactly.)

The "Thank U Next" singer hasn't yet mentioned where she got the work done, or the meaning behind the two butterflies, but celebrities and fans agree that they look extremely good on her with or without an explanation.

See for yourself, below.