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Bangs, Ponytails, And Spray Tans: Ariana Grande's Complete Beauty Evolution

There are so many forgotten gems.

Before joining Lady Gaga on an epic musical duet, Ariana Grande was a Nickelodeon star. Over the past decade, Grande's star has rapidly risen, and with that has come a change in beauty routine. Once a redhead, the brunette star now has a signature style, and in case you've missed a second of her many changes in hair and makeup, here's a complete Grande beauty evolution to catch up with.

From her many tattoos to her trademark ponytail, Grande's beauty routine has definitely kept fans guessing. Ahead, scroll through some of the most momentous changes, including a short time with platinum blonde hair and a red carpet appearance that featured bangs.

2008, Broadway Cast Of "13" Visits Planet Hollywood Times Square

Grande's natural curly texture and color was out in full display, giving you real Italian princess.