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Benefit’s Latest Launch Gives You The Look Of Microbladed Brows In Minutes

Without the cost or the commitment.

Skip the microblading appointment and get the full, lush brows of your dreams at home with the newest product from Benefit Cosmetics. On August 10, the brand launched its Brow Microfilling Pen ($25), the new pen is a true miracle product for those looking to tame and sculpt their brows without the traditional cost and commitment associated with microblading.

The release follows the continued trend of microblading, a process which gives you semi-permanent fuller brows through the use of a tattoo-like method. Although the completed process results in brows that last anywhere from one to three years, Benefit Cosmetics unveiled a much more temporary, and easier alternative with its Microfilling Pen.

Available in four shades, Benefit's pen gives you the look of microbladed brows for 24-hours. Waterproof and smudge-proof, the pen features a three-prong tip that carefully lines and fills brows with a sheer, buildable ink formula.

Unlike microblading, which can result in pain for some clients, this brow pen is painless, and is a great alternative for those in need of a much less permanent brow makeover. To properly use the pen, you need only brush upwards, applying strokes of hair to areas of the brows in which a little extra fill is needed. As you near the end of your brow, you can turn the pen on its side, creating a single line pattern. And ta-da, the look of microbladed brows created from the comfort of your home.