No Hair Out Of Place

11 Hair Products That Make Styling & Air-Drying A Breeze

Add hydration, shine, and strength back to your strands with the least amount of effort.

by NYLON Editors
Combs running through long blonde hair to demonstrate the best hair product winners of NYLON's 2024 ...

Picture this: You wake up groggily, look in the mirror, and are met with an untamable rat’s nest, unsightly split ends, and strands that feel more like straw than human hair. Yup, we’ve been there. Lucky for you, we put in the work to find product holy-grails that add hydration, shine, and strength back to our strands with the least amount of effort.

Between NYLON editors and our panel of guest judges, we’ve got all the hair bases covered — dyed, straight, textured, chemically treated, and protective styles included. Together, we’re bringing you the best-of-the-best hair care products for increasing the number of good hair days you have in 2024 and beyond. From a pre-wash scalp oil and a futuristic dry shampoo to a luxe leave-in conditioner, these hair essentials are here to help step up your hair game.

The Oil Absorber

AirWash™ Dry Shampoo

The days of chalky, noticeable dry shampoo are so over. K18’s AirWash mists on like water but dries down as a translucent silica powder that instantly zaps away greasiness and staleness. “Magically, it makes my hair feel freshly washed [and voluminous] instead of powdery,” says Faith Xue, BDG’s executive beauty director.

The Moisturizing Mist

The Scalp Treatment

The Volumizing Conditioner

The Splurge-Worthy Tool

The Air-Dry Hero

Hair Alchemy Heatless Styling Balm

This one’s for the air-dry girlies: Oribe’s luxe styling balm coats hair in strengthening plant extracts to fight frizz and boost definition. Xue rakes the featherlight lotion through damp hair, braids and twists it, and lets it dry to create flawless waves. “It adds the perfect amount of texture while keeping my hair super-soft,” she shares.

The Curl Definer

The Do-Everything Oil

The Curl Reviver

The Blow-Dry Essential

The Color Booster