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Hair Repair Brand K18 Is Launching A “High Tech” Dry Shampoo

The blowout refresher of the future.

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K18 has been a beauty editor and hair stylist must-have for healthier hair ever since the brand launched in 2020. The biology-first hair care brand initially consisted of only two products: a Molecular Repair Hair Mask for at-home use and a Molecular Repair Mist for professional use in salons. The four-minute treatment quickly proved effective at making hair feel softer, stronger, and less damaged, becoming one of the most sought after bond-building products on the market. Naturally, this left people clamoring for more hair-repairing products from the line.

Since then, K18 has launched shampoos, a conditioner, and a hair oil, all with a similar molecular repairing focus and benefits. But on March 26, the brand is launching a different category of hair product that addresses hair styling and damage from a different angle. Enter: AirWash, K18’s new and innovative dry shampoo.

The longer you can go between hair washes, the less time your hair spends either wet (and more vulnerable to breakage) or being heat styled. AirWash is a non-aerosol dry shampoo souped up with K18 biotech to help maximize that time — while also making you hair look, feel, and smell good.

One of the star ingredients in the product is the brand’s newly patented odorBIND molecule that seeks out and eliminates odors with time release technology that keeps working for up to three days (if that’s how long you choose to go before washing your hair again.) The formula is also powdery white cast-free thanks to translucent oil-absorbing microbeads and contains good-for-your-scalp mediterranean microalgae that improves hair manageability.

If you want to get your hands on the dry shampoo, you might want to sign up for the waitlist now. With Sofia Richie Grainge as a K18 brand ambassador and Hailey Bieber and NYLON as known fans, it’s only so long before the new product goes TikTok viral. K18 AirWash will be available starting March 26 at K18.com and Sephora.