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All Nighter

Nylon Nights: The Best Melt-Proof Makeup For Going Out & Staying Out

Party animals, unite.

Written by NYLON Editors

When it comes to dancing the night away, sometimes your makeup can end up being collateral damage. After spending hours living it up with your friends feeling a buzz — almost entirely sure that you’re both killing it on the dance floor and that you still look flawless — it’s easy to be humbled the moment you step into the harsh lighting of a club bathroom. That’s where long-wear makeup can come in.

For the party animals at heart, or those who dabble in a late night or two, learning the art of all-night makeup is a skill worth mastering. Ahead, the NYLON editors reminisce on their last big night out (potentially last weekend) and share the products that have saved them from any late-night makeup drama. As for any other late-night drama, unfortunately, there’s no setting spray or long-lasting mascara for that.

The Soft Focus Primer

The Oil-Fighting Foundation

The Consistent Concealer

The Never-Cakey Face Powder

The Brow Sculptor

The Party-Ready Palette

The Instant Eye Look

The Un-smudgable Eyeliner

The Clump-Free Mascara

The Long-Lasting Red Lipstick

The Stays-Put Lip Stain

The Impenetrable Setting Spray

The Deodorant That Works

The Mascara Refresher

Photographs by Xin Xin

Prop Stylist: Xin Xin and Emma Chao

Set Designer: Emma Chao

Executive Beauty Director: Faith Xue

Photo Director: Alex Pollack

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