Nailed It

6 Nail MVPs To Step Up Your At-Home Mani Game

Including the $11 press-ons that stay on for weeks.

by NYLON Editors
Elegant hands with black gemstone nail polish adjusting a pearl necklace, against a pink satin shirt...

Though we love nothing more than a luxurious nail-salon sesh, we also know that going to the salon consistently isn’t always an option (at least according to our wallets and busy schedules). Next time, save both your coins and time by giving yourself a manicure from the comfort of your couch, where you can control the music or catch up on your favorite podcast. Snacks could even be involved (though we recommend avoiding Cheetos).

With the right tools and a little effort, you don’t need to be a nail tech to achieve a salon-level mani or even nail art, if that’s your thing. Ahead, NYLON editors and guest judges share the at-home mani products for keeping cuticles clean, hands soft, nails healthy, and polish glossy. From a quick-drying top coat and spa-like hand mask to press-on nails for every occasion, all of these products will help transform your home into a mini spa in seconds.

So grab your favorite nail polish — might we suggest a jelly pink, butter yellow, or radioactive green — and scroll through these 2024 NYLON Beauty Hit List winners. Your next mani awaits.

The Luxe Cuticle Clipper

The Luxe Hand Mask

The Trusty Topcoat

The Everyday Press-Ons

The Extravagant Press-Ons

The On-The-Go Polish