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If You, Too, Are A "Connoisseur Of Mess," You’ll Love This Dishy New Pop-Culture Podcast — EXCLUSIVE

“Chronically online best friends” Hunter Harris and Peyton Dix bring you Lemme Say This.

There’s a legendary meme that compares listening to podcasts to chopping it up with your pals who live in an ice-cream ad, but with Lemme Say This, you’ll actually feel like you’re hanging with your chronically online BFFs getting the juiciest, “should we be signing an NDA”-level celebrity gossip.

Hosted by writers Hunter Harris and Peyton Dix — who are also self-proclaimed “certified haters and internet carnivores,” according to a press release — the weekly conversations will cover all the pop-culture and entertainment news you didn’t realize you cared so much about, from Jennifer Lopez’s downfall to who wrote the best notes-app apology. “It's a glorified group chat,” Harris tells NYLON. “We are best friends who love to fuss and frequently get too in the weeds. (I care about Taylor Swift's publicist Tree Paine more than I care about Taylor Swift.) But our backgrounds as screenwriters, profilers, and creative directors means that we actually know what we're talking about.”

Listen to the trailer below before Lemme Say This debuts on Wondery+, YouTube, and everywhere podcasts are available on May 22.